AMD’s latest hits new Linux highs

Benchmarks for the CPU in Ubuntu blow past results in Windows.

There’s some great news for Linux users who are considering AMD’s latest Threadripper CPUs. Benchmark tests run by TechSpot (http://bit.ly/LXFTechSpotBench) showed that these high-end processors performed better in the mega-tasking tests in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS than they did in Windows 10.

While the 32-core 2990WX performed brilliantly in both Windows and Linux. the performance difference when using Ubuntu was occasionally stark. For example, in the Stockfish 9 test, a free and open source chess engine, the 2990WX saw a 23 per cent performance boost when running in Linux compared to Windows. In the John the Ripper test, which is a password cracker, the increase was even more impressive, with it performing the tests three times faster in Linux than in Windows.

In almost every test AMD’s 2990WX performed noticeably better in Linux than in Windows, proving that if you want to make the most out of this impressive CPU then running Linux is clearly the way to go. The tests pitted the 22990WX against Intel’s 7980XE, its flagship 18-core processor. In most of the tests AMD’s chip outperformed the more expensive Intel CPU. Interestingly, Intel’s chip also saw improved performance in a number of benchmarks when run in Linux. This will be interesting reading to people who have shelled out for these expensive processors, because it looks like Windows 10 is holding back the performance potential of some CPUs.


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